Nairobi Residents Teasing Death With Instant Showers

  • A photo showing an instant electrical shower head
    A photo showing an instant electrical shower head
  • Instant electric showerheads have become a very hot commodity flying off the shelves as more and more residents in Nairobi get connected to water supply.

    The timesaving convenience it provides has drawn many who have opted to install it in their bathrooms and some have unfortunately fallen victim to electrocution. 

    Many others continue to live with faulty devices, leaving it to chance on when their last time walking into the bathroom will be.

    A photo showing the inside and an instant shower head
    A photo showing the inside and an instant shower head

    James Kimani, an electrician told that water heaters can be a dangerous hazard if not installed or maintained properly.

    The most severe risk is death by electrocution. Also, if the thermostat fails, the water can become too hot, and cause severe burns. 

    “To prevent the risk of electrocution it is important to ensure that the device is installed by a professional. Make sure to ask your electrician to earth the device and to use quality 2.5mm diameter cables. 

    “Some fake cables will heat up and burn the insulating sheath to expose the wire carrying the current to the water which can be deadly,” he explained. 

    Many people also make the dangerous mistake of mixing up the wiring (earth and live wire) during installation. 

    If that happens, the heater may function normally, but will not automatically switch off in case of an electrical surge exposing you to danger.

    The shower should be connected to a circuit breaker which helps cut power in case of shock.

    With many Nairobians using borehole water which can be salty, it is important to buy heating devices which can withstand hard water. 

    Get an electrician to check for any loose connections regularly, as the earth wire can sometimes get disconnected. 

    Many Kenyans have taken to social media to narrate their experiences with some saying they escaped death by a whisker.

    Some, albeit worryingly, stated that they can feel small amounts of current on their taps while showering. 

    If you’re one of those people who have a faulty instant hot shower, the importance of contacting an electrical professional cannot be overemphasized. 

    An instant shower water heater.
    An instant shower water heater.
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