Blogger Abducted by Armed Gunmen, Whereabouts Unknown [VIDEO]

  • A file image of a man aiming to shoot
    A file image of a man aiming to shoot
  • The family of a Migori based blogger is still in the dark days after their son was abducted by three armed men.

    According to the family, a group of unknown people had been secretly following Joseph Okoth Ouma, popularly known as Rashid Yusuf - tracing all his moves.

    Ouma had claimed on a Facebook post that his life was in danger days before he was kidnapped at his bar in Kokuro Junction, Migori county.

    Reports by family members stated that a man walked into the bar posing as a customer and even ordered a drink.

    Blogger Joseph Okoth Ouma popularly known as Rashid Yusuf (left) with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho (right)

    The man is said to have inquired about the owner before walking out of the bar to meet his accomplices who had arrived at the bar in two vehicles. 

    "After ordering a drink, the man walked to the car which had three other people. The men later stormed the bar, one had a gun. They ordered everyone to lie on the floor.

    That's when they dragged my brother out of the bar and bundled him into the car before speeding away," said Dominic, Rashid's brother.

    The blogger is yet to be found with the police intensifying their investigations. Residents of Migori urged the police to speed up investigations to find the blogger.

    "We expect the criminal investigation department to move with speed to establish the motive of the incident, the people behind the abduction and the whereabouts of Yusuf.

    "As members of the blogging fraternity, as friends of Rashid Yusuf, as people from Migori county, we are not happy with the silence of the leaders, the Kenya Police and criminal investigation department.

    "They need to tell us what is happening, and who these people are," said a blogger in a video posted on social media.

    He further stated that the only option was to find Rashid alive, as he hoped the police would find him on time.

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