Residents Scramble for Beer After Truck Overturns on Highway [PHOTOS]

Meru residents loot beer after a truck overturned at a junction on Thursday, March 18, 2021
The Standard

Residents of Buuri, Meru County scrambled for beer after a truck veered off the road and overturned at Subuiga junction along the Meru-Nanyuki highway on Thursday morning, March 18. 

The truck driver sustained minor injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital. 

However, the youth and passers-by seized the moment and turned the accident scene into a feast, with some running away with full crates of beer.

Others opened and consumed the drinks from the spot as they plundered through the remains for other valuable property. 

Residents scramble for beer after a truck overturned in Meru on Thursday, March 18, 2021
The Standard

Police delayed arriving at the scene where the youth looted all valuables they could come across. 

In December 2020, police raised alarm over the rate of truck accidents, accusing drivers of stage-managing crashes to loot and sell the property to thugs. 

They also cautioned residents from looting and stealing at accidents, especially those targeting food, beverages and petroleum trucks. 

A month later, a truck ferrying loaves of bread overturned at Mubau heading to Kanyoni Mang'u-Naivasha Road. Kenyans made away with loaves of bread and also vandalised the truck, stealing its components

Police further curbed a looming tragedy after they chased away youth who were siphoning fuel from a petroleum truck that overturned along the Nyamataro-Daraja Mbili in Kisii on January 9. 

The area residents rushed to the scene with jerry cans, buckets and basins inconsiderate of the lurking danger. Police warned that such incidents strike memories of the tragic Sachangwan January 2009 tragedy where over 111 fuel siphoning victims passed away. 

Most of them died after a fire broke out at the scene while others succumbed to injuries from the stampede. 

Police lay a wreath at Sachangwan fire tragedy memorial site on January 31, 2011
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