Nairobi Residents to Benefit From Modern Footbridge Toilets

  • witeithie
    A file image of a footbridge at Witeithie, which is located along Thika Superhighway.
  • The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has been constructing modern toilets on a number of footbridges across the capital.

    KeNHA has been undertaking improvement projects on a number of footbridges across the country; fitting them with modern toilets. visited two new modern public toilet facilities located on two footbridges along the Thika Superhighway - and which are set to benefit residents using the highway.

    The modern toilets sit at the base of the Witeithie and Jomoko footbridges that have already cost the government millions of shillings.

    A file image of Witeithie footbridge that has modern public toilets constructed at the base.

    The toilets have both the ladies & gents section as well as bathrooms which are in the final stages of construction, with their completion set for next week, before being officially opened to the public. . 

    An attendant will be assigned to keep the facilities clean. The public will be charged a small fee; Ksh10, money that will go towards maintenance.

    This is good news to people using the footbridges given answering a call of nature in Nairobi can be frustrating during the day.

    The toilets will serve touts, matatu drivers, long distance travellers, guards, hawkers, revellers and street families.

    Most people have had to relieve themselves on flower beds along the road and footpaths leaving the whole place ‘watered’ with urine and faeces.

    Matatu operators have had to pee between parked vehicles, leaving permanent streaks of urine patterns on the road.

    All these can be quite unhygienic - and can pose health risks.

    The construction of the four footbridges along the highway began back in 2017 at the cost of Ksh820 million.

    Meanwhile, motorists as well as passengers had a traffic nightmare on Thika road as thousands of Kenyans were stranded after they got caught up in the curfew on the night of Saturday, April 17.

    Motorists had to get out of their cars to catch fresh air, relieve themselves in the surrounding bushes as traffic remained static until past 11 pm.

    The new toilets will come in handy especially due to the fact that the available public toilets are few and far between.