How To Recover KPLC Token Number

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  • This is a complete guide on how to recover Kenya Power token numbers as cases of customers losing their messages are a common occurrence.

    In August 2020, Kenya Power introduced a service, under the *977# USSD code, to enable its prepaid and postpaid customers to manage their bills. 

    Under this platform, one can now easily recover the last three token messages when needed.

    This is especially helpful in cases where the token messaging system is experiencing delays, or when a customer has mistakenly deleted their token message.

    Kenya Power Building in Nairobi CBD
    Kenya Power Building in Nairobi CBD.

    One can easily retrieve token messages using the simple steps highlighted below.

    How To Recover Kenya Power Token Messages

    1. On your mobile phone, dial *977#
    2. Navigate to “Prepaid Services”
    3. Select “Latest Token”
    4. Enter your Prepaid meter account number.
    5. Then hit “Send”

    Besides the USSD code, customers can also access the company’s services through MyPower app which is available on android and IOS. Tenants can register on the App and submit their meter readings on a monthly basis.

    Notably, customers can also use the *977# USSD code to report outages, apply for new electricity connections, and verify the identities of any individual presenting themselves as employees or contractors of Kenya Power.

    “The company is also rolling out a county structure which is premised on devolving its key functions such as operations and maintenance, customer service, inspection of installations and revenue collection in order to enhance operational efficiency and increase customer responsiveness,” said Managing Director and CEO, Bernard Ngugi stated during the launch of the service in August 2020.

    Since the introduction of the token system back in March 2011, customers have been posting several questions across the various Kenya Power customer service platforms.

    As a result, the electricity supplier laid out several answers to improve the customer experience. These frequently asked questions regarding Kenya Power tokens are detailed below.

    Kenya Power Tokens: The Most Commonly Asked Questions

    What do I do when my tokens are delayed? 

    You can mitigate this by downloading the MyPower App, and entering your Meter Number.

    On the App you will then be able to see the last token purchased.  To confirm that the token number is most recent one not received, check the date and amount.

    If this doesn’t work, you can also contact Kenya Power on their Twitter page @KenyaPower_Care or their Facebook page or call/SMS 95551 for help.

    Why do I get different units of tokens of the same amount purchased for different meters in different areas in Nairobi?

    There are two reasons for this; one is the level of consumption determines the cost per unit i.e. that if you are consuming 100 units or less for three consecutive months, you will be moved to the Life-line tariff of Ksh10 per unit which is lower than the regular domestic tariff of Ksh15.80 per unit.

    Why don’t I get the same number of tokens for the same amount of money even if I’m buying them within the same month?

    This depends on your individual consumption of electricity.

    The cost of one unit of electricity comprises of several components such as Fuel Charge, Energy Charge, REREC, WARMA, Forex Fluctuation.

    Some components such as Fuel Charge and Forex fluctuation adjustments are variable. This means the cost of a unit is not consistent from month to month.

    What happens to my current electricity deposit when I install a prepaid meter?

    Your current electricity deposit will be refunded if you have no debt.

    How do I query a bill?

    You can query your bill at any of the Kenya Power banking halls around the country. 

    Confirming your current meter readings by taking the reading from the meter installed in your premises prior to making the visit is highly advised.

    How are bills computed?

    This is calculated from units consumed each month. These units are recorded by an electricity meter installed at a customers premises. 

    There are bye-laws that specify the applicable tariff and rate per unit. Specific government levies like Value Added Tax (VAT) and Rural Electrification Fund (REF) are applicable.

    What is Okoa Stima?

    This is a service that offers customers both on Pre-Pay and Post-Pay a one-stop shop for all their power access needs. 

    Okoa Stima offers services such as account registration, payment of power bills, purchase of tokens, bill querying and presentment, and access to emergency power top up.

    How do I request for an Okoa Stima on pre-pay?

    • Dial *885# and enter PIN
    • Select pre-paid
    • Select Okoa Stima
    • Select request emergency top up
    • Select the Meter
    • Select preset Okoa amounts ranging from Ksh.100 to 1000 and confirm

    You will receive an SMS confirmation for Okoa Stima with a token which you load to your meter.

    How do I request for Okoa Stima on post-pay?

    • Dial *885# and enter PIN
    • Select postpaid
    • Select the account, the bill on the account will be automatically displayed
    • Select Okoa Stima and follow the steps provided

    What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

    • Ksh 1,000 for pre-paid meters
    • Ksh 2,500 for post-paid meters
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