Kenyan Varsities Top E-Learning - Survey

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    The University of Nairobi
  • Kenyan universities invested more in e-learning to enhance education during the Covid-19 pandemic than other universities in East Africa.

    A recent study on the implications of the pandemic in higher learning institutions in East African Community reviewed universities across Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda,

    According to a survey by Daystar University, Kenyan universities invested Ksh12.8 million (USD118,00), followed by Rwanda (USD70,000) and Burundi (USD30,500).

    File image of Kenyatta University
    File image of Kenyatta University
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    On average, public universities invested in the region invested USD140,500 while the private ones invested USD51,520.

    “Tanzanian and South African universities did not respond to questions on the amount of investments in e-learning,” the report stated.

    The report, presented by Prof. Abraham Waithima of Daystar University during Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA), also indicated that most of the universities in the regions were still struggling with online learning while more than half of them have faced severe challenges.

    Some of the challenges noticed were based on examinations where universities had challenges administering online exams while student lacked digital skills to do online exams at the beginning.

    Students also reported high cost of internet bundles that affected their online studies.

    Universities also faced inadequate electronic gadgets such as laptops and Smartphones, inadequate e-learning skills, inadequate financial support by institutions, and lack of sufficient internet.

    The report recommended that the universities enhance data security to improve online learning in the institutions.

    “The current society of knowledge economy and the fourth industrial revolution requires universities to promote the use of ICT in teaching and research activities and supporting industries in promoting innovation,” IUCEA Executive Secretary Prof. Gaspand Banyakimbona said.

    Daystar University, Athi River Campus
    Daystar University, Athi River Campus.
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