Dirty Cop Linked to Case Where 2 Headteachers Were Burnt to Death

  • House of a couple burnt alive in Kisii on Thursday July 29
    House of a couple burnt alive in Kisii on Thursday, July 29
  • A police officer has been implicated in a case where a retired headteacher Charles Moruri and his wife Florence Moruri were killed after their house was allegedly set on fire by unknown individuals.

    Following the unfortunate incident which occurred on Thursday, July 29, it has emerged that Charles had received threats from a police officer at Itumbe Police Station.

    The deceased had complained to a family member saying the threats began when he reported that three police officers were colluding with suspects to steal from area residents

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

    The couple's son, Caleb Mogoa, alleged that a number of properties had been stolen from their home and the neighbour's house.

    "We are aware that my late father had been threatened by a known police officer. We tried to seek help from senior officers but all efforts were in vain,” he stated.

    He insisted that his parents were murdered in cold blood and not from a gas explosion as earlier stated by Kisii Country Commissioner Allan Machari.

    “I always call them every evening but on Wednesday night, as early as 9 pm, the calls went unanswered," he stated.

    The family had argued that the fire was more intense in the couple's bedroom.

    County Police Commander Francis Kool has urged residents to remain calm as police investigate the matter.

    “We don’t want to speculate on what happened. Let us allow the investigating team to do their work and give us their findings.

    "We will listen to the family and piece up all the information we have,” Kool added.

    Police officers and detectives at a crime scene in Kenya
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