Kilimani Crane Tragedy: Widow Reveals Man Had Survived Fall From 4th Floor

  • Kilimani Construction Accident That Happened on Thursday August 26
    Kilimani Construction Accident That Happened on Thursday, August 26
  • A widow to one of victims of the Thursday, August 26, crane accident in Nairobi's Kilimani area has revealed another unfortunate incident in which her husband survived five years ago.

    Speaking to the press on Friday, August 27, Stanley Alusa's widow Phylis narrated that the long-time construction worker had survived a fatal fall from the fourth floor of a storey building.

    Phylis said the 2016 incident occurred when the worker was at a construction site.

    She revealed that during the incident, Alusa sustained serious injuries since he hit the ground head first and at the hospital, he was put on piped oxygen.

    Stanley Alusa's widow Phylis Aluta
    Stanley Alusa's widow Phylis Aluta.

    "In 2016, he had gone to work and we were called that he had fallen from the building to the ground. He hit his head and they took him to the hospital.

    "He was taken by an ambulance. He had sustained serious injuries and was on piped oxygen," stated Phylis, amidst sobs.

    The mother of three further noted that her husband left for work not knowing that it would be his last time she was seeing hi, .

    "He left me with three children who go to school. I do not know what to do

    "Yesternight, the children did not go to bed because they kept asking me if there father would return. They did not eat their meals," she added.

    At least nine people died in the incident after a lifting machine at a construction site in Kilimani area, Nairobi crumbled.

    Emotions ran high at Chiromo Mortuary on Friday where relatives and friends to the deceased congregated to identify remains of their kin.

    Two Chinese National and seven Kenyans lost their lives in the incident.

    A building in Kilimani area in Nairobi
    A building in Kilimani area in Nairobi
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