26-Year-Old Kenyan Elected Youth Representative at COMESA

  • Angel Mbuthia poses for a photo in her office.
    Angel Mbuthia poses for a photo in her office.
    Angel Mbuthia
  • Kenyan youth advocate, Angel Mbuthia, has been elected to the youth advisory panel of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). 

    The 26-year-old, who served as a student leader at the University of Nairobi, was Kenya’s candidate after being nominated by the National Youth Council Kenya (NYC).

    In her message on social media, Mbuthia expressed her gratitude for being elected as an advisor on youth issues at the regional body.

    “I am deeply humbled by the East African community for electing me as East Africa's Representative to the COMESA Youth Advisory Panel,” Mbuthia tweeted.

    An image of University of Nairobi
    University of Nairobi main campus.

    “Many thanks to the NYC youth voice for the nomination and a special thanks to Roy Osaka for all the work done to secure the vote,” she added.

    In their official statement, the youth council congratulated the Kenyan candidate, stating that her election took a lot of lobbying among member states.

    “Our congratulations go to Angel Mbuthia for winning the COMESA Youth Advisory Panel. Mbuthia was Kenya’s NYC nominee & has been elected to join the Advisory Panel,” the council stated.

    The youth council added that Kenya emerged as the winner in a heightened contest.

    “It was a heightened election process but she managed to emerge at the top in the whole Eastern African region,” the council added.

    After her election, Mbuthia became the youngest person to be elected to the regional youth advisory council.

    At the panel, Mbuthia will champion for youth issues at the regional body. COMESA is made up of 21 countries within Eastern and Southern Africa.

    Many Kenyans have taken to social media to congratulate the 26 year old for her achievement.

    “Congratulations Director Angel Mbuthia for putting us on the regional map on Youth issues. A very big win for Kenya,” Ray Ochieng tweeted.

    Angel Mbuthia engaging the youth at a past event.
    Angel Mbuthia engaging the youth at a past event.
    Angel Mbuthia