Boda Boda Riders Block Road, Stone Vehicles in Nairobi [Video]

Outering road blocked by bodaboda riders.
Outering road blocked by bodaboda riders.

Business operations along Nairobi's Outering Road have ground to a halt as bodaboda riders protest the arrest of their colleague.

The rider is accused of having caused an accident and his colleagues are now stoning cars and have blocked parts of the busy Thika Superhighway and a section of Outering Road. 

The accident is blamed on the bodaboda rider who was allegedly speeding before abruptly wandering into the next lane without caution along the busy highway. 

After the accident, the rider was arrested, prompting his rowdy colleagues to block the highway, demanding the police to release him.

Police dispersing protestors
Police dispersing protestors

The chaos and disruption have led to paralysis along the road and spilt over to the busy Thika Superhighway, leading to a major snarl-up.

A big section of the Outering Road and Thika Superhighway are blocked, with motorists avoiding them after the protesters begun to stone vehicles. 

Motorists have blamed bodaboda riders on the road for always speeding, saying that this was not the first incident a bodaboda rider has caused.

Motorists are now advised to use alternative routes to avoid being caught up in heavy traffic. 

The police have said that they shall retain the rider until they are able to control the situation along the affected roads.

The protestors claim that they also have rights, and the police should avoid criminalizing them all the time. 

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