Unusual Text Monica Kimani Sent on the Night She Died - Court Told

  • Businesswoman Monica Kimani
    Businesswoman Monica Kimani
  • A witness who was in the stands on Tuesday, September 28, revealed that he received an unusual text from Monica Kimani on the night she passed on.

    The witness told the court he received a text from Monica asking him to go spend the night with her which was strange to him since he had known her for less than a month.

    According to the witness, he received the message on the same night Monica passed on and her body was found in her house in Kilimani.

    He told the court that he met Monica at her home at 9:20 pm on September 18, 2018, after he drove to her apartment but he did not enter her house.

    Businesswoman Monica Kimani
    Businesswoman Monica Kimani

    The witness stated that the security guards did not ask for his ID card since Monica had informed them she was waiting for him.

    He stated that the businesswoman came to the parking lot and told him that she had company at her house. 

    “She came to the parking lot, hugged and told me she wanted to go back immediately because she had two visitors in her house, a Lebanese man and another man, whom she said worked as a security guard at State House, Nairobi."

    “At 11 pm, I received the strange love message from Monica, asking me to go and help her sleep. I tried calling her, but both her Kenyan and South Sudanese cellphone lines were not going through. I texted her, but she did not respond,” the witness testified. 

    Joseph 'Jowie' Irungu's lawyer cross-examined the witness and asked about the nature of his relationship with Monica to which he responded they were just friends.

    The lawyer asked the witness if he thought the text Monica sent him on the night she passed on might have led to her untimely demise.

    "Did you know that she might have been cohabiting with another man, who was provoked by the message?” Jowie's lawyer Hassan Nandwa asked.

    But the witness stated that he had no information on the questions posed by the lawyer.

    Media personality Jacque Maribe and her ex-lover Jowie are the two accused persons in the case. The trial will resume on Tuesday, September 28.

    File image of Jowie Irungu in court on November 21, 2019
    File image of Jowie Irungu in court on November 21, 2019.
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