Father of Serial Killer Who Escaped Jail Issues Demands to Police

  • 20-year-old Masten Milimu Wanjala who was arrested by DCI detectives on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.
    20-year-old Masten Milimu Wanjala who was apprehended by DCI detectives on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.
  • Robert Wanjala Watira, the father to the self-confessed notorious serial killer, Masten Wanjala, who escaped from Jogoo Road Police Station on Wednesday, October 13, has now made demands to the National Police Service.

    Speaking to members of the press on Thursday, October 14, Wanjala lodged demands to the police questioning the manner in which his son managed to escape from a well-guarded police station. He emotionally narrated that he was surprised to learn through media reports that his son had found his way out of detention.

    Making his demands to the responsible officers, he asked the police to elaborately detail how Masten escaped just the day he was to be presented in court to answer to murder charges.

    Undated Photo of Robert Wanjala Watira Father to Masten Wanjala
    Undated Photo of Robert Wanjala Watira Father to Masten Wanjala

    Wanjala further made it clear that he had not set his eyes on self-confessed serial killer since he broke out. The father, who had earlier disowned Masten, retorted that he was not interested in seeing him after fleeing from the law enforcement officers.

    "I'm surprised to learn of my son's escape from jail. How did he escape? The police need to explain how he managed to do so. I have not seen him and I am not interested in seeing him," he stated.

    He distanced himself from the 20-year-old who is suspected to have kidnapped and killed 13 minors over a 5-year period, adding that all the vampire-like traits portrayed by Masten caught him by surprise.

    Residents of Wanjala's Bungoma rural home expressed fears over his son's break-free ordeal. One of the locals noted that since the news broke about Masten's escape from police cell, everyone has been on the lookout. Parents have resolved to escort their kids to school to avoid a replica of earlier incidents tied to the escapee.

    "We as residents of this village are pleading with the government to assist us because of this boy. If they fail to find him, our kids will be in great danger. Parents track all their movements. Where will we really move to and hide our kids?" a resident posed.

    According to details that emerged of the suspect's escape, detectives noted that Masten might have found his way out of the police cells during dinner time around 6pm to 7pm or moments after.

    Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect was last seen sharing a meal with seven other inmates. At the time, there was a power outage at the station.

    That same night, police arrested 12 inmates at different times who were locked in the same cell with Masten, bringing the number to 20.

    The following morning, an officer on duty who conducted a roll call noted that Masten was missing. He informed his colleagues before an alarm was raised and news of his breakout sent out to the press.

    So far, three cops attached to Jogoo Road Police Station have been apprehended and charged in court.

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