Buruburu Girls Teacher Mysteriously Dies in Mombasa

A file Image of Buruburu Girls' High School.
A file Image of Buruburu Girls' High School Administration Block
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Bururburu girls high school is back in the news after one of the teachers at the institution died mysteriously while on a weekend getaway with friends.

The teacher who was serving at the institution has been identified as Nelson Otsianda, whom according to the father, had been at the school since 2018, teaching chemistry and mathematics.

Conflicting reports are now emerging on how the teacher met his death. According to the OCPD Diani , Fanuel Nasio, the incident was reported as a drowning incident.

An undated photo of a police car in Kenya
An undated photo of a police car in Kenya.

However, according to cctv footage making rounds on social media and the account of the deceased's father, there seems to have been a confrontation between nelson and an unidentified persons who are believed to have traveled to the coast with him.

According to the deceased father, Cloud Otsianda, “When we looked at the CCTV footage, it appeared like those he was with, attacked him, beat him and threw him into the pool.”

Adding that though Nelson was known to enjoy a drink or two he wouldn’t knowingly put himself at risk of drowning as stated by the police report.

The three are said to have arrived in Mombasa Saturday Morning and were expected to check out on the 15th, but according to the hotel management they checked out on Sunday, a day earlier.

“They were a group of young men who arrived on Saturday and checked out yesterday (Sunday) which was earlier than expected, but as hotel we can’t stop anyone from leaving," the hotel manager told Kenyans.co.ke.

Diani OCPD Fanuel Nasio, in a phone interview, said that they are currently following all the leads adding that detectives from the DCI were at the scene to review the CCTV footage and understand what took place.

“I have talked to the investigators they are following that lead it is being alleged that he was beaten and then thrown to the swimming pool. So they are going to review that CCTV footage," he noted.

He has further called on those with any information to come forward and help in the investigation to enable the police follow every lead.

“Let them come to us or the investigating officer, as for now if there are suspicion that maybe he was killed and then thrown into the swimming pool then we shall take that lead, and we shall investigate it and if anyone is culpable then we shall arrest them," he added.

The murder comes on the back drop of investigation into a fire incident at the school that forced a temporary closure. Following the incident, several students were admitted to hospital for smoke inhalation and other injuries sustained as they tried to escape the inferno and salvage their belongings.

Undated image of detectives at a crime scene in Nairobi, Kenya
Undated image of detectives at a crime scene in Nairobi, Kenya


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