Radio Maisha's Ann Njogu: Caller Humiliated Me on Air, Asked Me to Quit My Job

  • Radio Maisha Presenter Ann Njogu
    Radio Maisha Presenter Ann Njogu
    Ann Njogu
  • As her sultry voice rocks the airwaves every midmorning, it is difficult to imagine that the vivacious radio maven, who exudes such authority and confidence, has overcome nearly insurmountable challenges to get where she is. 

    Known for her popular radio show Staarabika on Radio Maisha,' Mtoto wa Mama' ,Ann Njogu, is a force to reckon with, making her way towards being one of the biggest swahili radio powerhouses in Kenya.

    Speaking to, the vocal radio presenter shared an experience she had when she began presenting - one that became a turning point in her career.

    Radio Maisha Presenter Ann Njogu live on air at the Radio Maisha Studios
    Radio Maisha Presenter Ann Njogu live on air at the Radio Maisha Studios
    Ann Njogu

    "When I first started on Radio Maisha, a caller told me to quit radio and sell tomatoes, owing to my Central Kenya background," she stated in the interview.

    That comment shook to the core and became a full-circle moment for her, influencing her decision to brand herself as a champion for women empowerment.

    She tackles matters in women rights, women's health and uses her platform to preach for equality in gender representation in leadership on her radio show.

    Njogu devotes most of her time researching what her listeners want to hear, with a special interest in topics concerning women empowerment. However, as she is a private person, Njogu believes that her power lies behind the microphone.

    In fact, when asked whether she would be interested in vying for an elective seat, she quickly declined, stating that despite being vocal about women matters, politics was a rough game and segregative towards women - especially those who do not have the funding to finance their campaigns.

    "This country's politics are so ugly, you cannot influence if you do not have the backing of a political godfather," she lamented.

    One of the highlights of her career, she states, is the reuniting of a father and a son who were estranged for three years, following a dispute that led the father to disown his son on her radio show. She recounted how emotional the reunion was, how the distraught son cried on air as his guardian ushered him back home.

    The bubbly presenter is proud of her Msamaha segment on the show, she heartily gave accounts of how she reunited couples who were each other's necks, which blossomed to her receiving invitations to witness their weddings.

    In the interview, she further remarked that she prides herself in being authentic and real with her listeners, noting that they come from all walks of life, and credits her great relationship with them, as she resonates with them on a personal level.

    Away from the radio job, she is a businesswoman, co-owing a car hire business and a beauty online store.

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