Family Reveals Businessman's Last Call Before He Went Missing

  • Police officers at a kidnapping scene
    DCI officers combing through a crime scene
  • The family of 51-year-old Mombasa businessman, Masou Bakari Tajiri, has revealed the details of his last phone call to his wife before his mysterious disappearance. 

    Speaking to the media, Masou's father, Mohamed Hussein, noted that the businessman made a final phone-call to his wife en route to Mombasa from Thika on a business trip. This was the last moment he was seen alive. Masou, who went missing on December 5, 2021, was found 40 days later at Lari Forest, Kiambu.

    "When they arrived at Mazeras, Kilifi County, he called his wife telling her that he was at the town and would be back soon. That was the last time they spoke before he went missing," Hussein stated.

    An image of vehicles parked outside a police station
    An image of vehicles parked outside a police station.

    According to a report by Citizen TV, Masou was allegedly waylaid by people claiming to be police officers on December 5, 2021.

    Prior to that, he had made his way from Mombasa to Thika, in order to purchase a 14-seater van for business. Accompanied by his two employees, 21-year-old Fahmi Bakari and 26-year-old Hussein Mohamed, the three men were not convinced on the condition of the vehicle.

    They proceeded on a journey back to Mombasa to give recommendations regarding the state of the vehicle- a journey that proved fatal.

    According to the father, the vehicle they were travelling in was found at Maungu Mosque, Mombasa County, a few days later.

    "Till date, we don't know who parked the vehicle at that point at around midnight. I went and identified the vehicle, a Toyota Crown," he stated.

    The seemingly unavailing search led to the discovery of Masou's body at Lari Forest, Kiambu County, 40 days after his disappearance.

    A recent autopsy conducted on Masou's body revealed that he was tortured before being killed. The businessman's two employees, Fahmy Bakari and Hussein Mohammed, are still missing.

    Interestingly, On December 5, 2021, Masou's neighbour, Mwinyi Mzungu, was also kidnapped in the same fashion. 

    "Unknown men came to his house, and enquired about Mwinyi. After confirming it's him, the men claimed to be police officers and stated that he is under arrest. After he enquired about the reason for arrest, the men claimed that he would be told later on," Mwinyi's sister, Sadaka Nyanje, spoke to Citizen TV.

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