Atheists Give Church Ultimatum Over Noise Pollution

  • Atheists Association President Harrison Mumia and an image of a church.
    Atheists Association President Harrison Mumia and an image of a church.
  • The Atheists in Kenya Society has issued a church with a 14-day notice over noise pollution.

    In a statement seen by, the society's president, Harrison Mumia, wrote to PEFA Church, Kangundo Road, on Saturday, January 15, expressing displeasure over alleged noise pollution.

    He noted that the society had received several complaints  from residents over disturbance emanating from the church on Sundays and Fridays during overnight services known as 'keshas'.

    Atheists in Kenya Society founder, Harrison Mumia duing a past interview.
    Atheists in Kenya Society President, Harrison Mumia duing a past interview.

    "The loud noise that emanates from your church is intolerable to a lot of residents living near the church. We are giving you exactly 14 days within which to reduce the noise pollution," read the letter in part.

    Mumia stated that he had written to the church in January 2021, complaining over the same but no action had been taken by its leadership.

    The society claims that the church based on Kang'undo Road was violating noise pollution laws in the country.

    "We plan to take legal action if the concerns of the complainants are not addressed conclusively.

    ""Please note that the complaints are not necessarily made by atheists. They are Kenyan citizens whose peace is being disturbed by your church," read the letter in part.

    The National Environmental Environmental Agency (NEMA) defines noise pollution as the emission of uncontrolled noise that is likely to cause danger to human health or damage to the environment.

    It provides for maximum permissible noise levels, for places of worship, guided by the should and noise rating levels, and time of day.

    For places of worship, NEMA allows up to 40 decibels (dB) of sound level during the day and 35 during the night. In terms of noise rating (NR) should not exceed 30 during the day and 25 during the night.

    An image of NEMA offices in Nairobi, Kenya
    An image of NEMA offices in Nairobi, Kenya.