Where are they Now? Cast of Citizen TV's Papa Shirandula

  • An image of the cast of Papa Shirandula.
    An image of the cast of Papa Shirandula.
  • For more than a decade, Papa Shirandula has captivated the minds of the audience from all walks of life. 

    The show, which aired every Thursday on Citizen TV, became a highlight for locals who loved the drama that captured the life of the main actor, the late Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula. Be it his antics at work as a watchman to his family squabbles, the actor alongside his cast played the art to near perfection. The first episode aired in 2007 and the final episode capped in 2020. 

    The comedy-drama elicited a lot of reactions from fans who craved for more after every on Thursday. Currently, Citizen TV airs re-runs of the program. 

    The theatre world, however, received a shock after Bukeko passed away in July 2020. Two years later, the thespians who kept Kenyans glued to their screens, have diversified their sources of income and gone their separate ways. Kenyans.co.ke takes a look at what the thespians are up to.

    Papa Shirandula features in a football TV advert in 2014

    Jacqueline Nyaminde as Wilbroda

    Acting as wife to Bukeko, Jacqueline Nyaminde alias Wilbroda was a fan favourite at the show for playing the role to a tee.  Nyaminde rose to become a staple in the industry.

    Aside from her acting role, she is a singer, radio presenter as well as a philanthropist who formed a charity organisation for the less fortunate alongside her fellow comedians. Nyaminde is a radio co-host at Milele FM and is also a Wild Aid ambassador.

    Kenneth Gichoya as Njoro

    Kenneth Gichoya played the ever bubbly, mischievous friend to Papa Shirandula who at times misled him in terms of various engagements.

    The 13-year span of the show solidified the duo's friendship. After Bukeko's demise, he  noted the vital role Bukeko played in his acting career. Further, during a TV interview, Njoro pointed out that he deals in real estate business aside from his acting gigs. 

    William Juma as Juma Anderson

    Arguably playing a more serious role, William Juma alias Juma Anderson, depicted a no-nonsense boss who would ensure his employees toe the line.

    The thespian did not leave his craft behind but has continued by acting various roles in movies as well as different plays. One of his notable projects is Tit for Tat- a play that was acted at the Louis Leakey Auditorium Museum Hill, in Nairobi.

    Kazungu Matano as Otoyo

    Not many of the younger generation can remember Kazungu Matano alias Captain Otoyo for his role whereby he added a comical flavour to the show.

    Otoyo has risen to a comic star,  doing standup comedy on Churchill Show while also doubling up as a Master of Ceremony at weddings and events.

    In 2014, he hosted the Offside show on NTV alongside Obinna. Matano co-hosts the Milele Drive show every Monday to Friday between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Milele FM.

    Jacky Vike as Awinja

    Arguably, one of the thespians who has maintained an active role ever since the show ended, Vike is undoubtedly becoming an iconic figure.

    Popularly known as Awinja, her comic role, though considered extreme by some, has become her bread and butter. 

    Aside from running her own YouTube channel, that has amassed over 132,000 subscribers, she has been involved in various acting roles such as Ni sisi and Nairobi-Half life. 

    Mary Adhiambo Airo as Mama Nyaguthii

    Unknown to many, the tough talking Mary Adhiambo Airo, alias Mama Nyaguthii, is a legal practitioner. The actress had practised law for over 15 years before her big break came in 2007 when the late Bukeko requested her to join the show. 

    During a past media interview, she credited her acting career to Legal Resources Foundation at a time when they sought young people to train in arts in order to pass legal information about the recurrent conflicts between tenants and landlords. At the time she did well and developed a passion for acting. 

    Daisy Netia as Naliaka 

    Playing the role of Naliaka, Papa Shirandula's daughter, Daisy Netia was the youngest cast at the time- but her acting skills proved that she was up to task. 

    After the show ended, Netia embarked on creation of digital content as she runs her own YouTube channel where she talks about her personal journey and topics surrounding family, friends, and the lifestyle in Nairobi.

    Radio presenter Jalang'o pictured at Kiss FM studios on July 13, 2020
    Radio presenter Jalang'o pictured at Kiss FM studios on July 13, 2020

    Felix Odiwor as Jalang'o

    Felix Odiwuor has in the past credited his acting career to the late Bukeko who christened him, Jalang'o, and gave him chance to showcase his talent.

    Over the years, Jalang'o has become a symbol of excellence in theatre and media world. He embarked on the media journey, hosting the morning show at KissFM alongside Kamene Goro.He has also co-hosted morning shows on Radio Maisha, Hot96, and Milele FM. 

    He, however, resigned from Radio Africa's owned in February 2022 to venture into politics as he  eyes the Lang'ata parliamentary seat. He also runs his own YouTube channel, Jalang'o TV, that has amassed over 546,000 subscribers.