What to Consider When Purchasing an Ideal Laptop for Your Needs

  • Laptops have become essential gadgets in the world. From being used for work to studies, they play a crucial role. However, did you know that a laptop's specifications should match the task at hand? 

    If you are purchasing a laptop for business or academics then the durability and portability of the gadget will matter most.

    In an interview with Mike Keith, an IT expert, elaborated on the specifications one should consider when purchasing a laptop.

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    Kenyans. co. ke has compiled a list of what to consider


    There are a variety of laptops individuals can explore in specific price ranges. Some have a preference for reputable brands and some just need the ideal laptop for the tasks they have.

    "A customer should keep in mind the price to performance ratio. The prices attached to the laptops are based on the brand and performance" Keith stated


    As you go to work, there is a risk of the laptop being damaged upon impact. When purchasing a laptop, durability should be a core consideration.

    “If you will purchase a laptop one must check for the ones made from magnesium or carbon alloy. The hinges of the laptop should be metallic,” he stated


    For individuals purchasing a laptop, connectivity can be convenient. Some laptops have to meet preferences such as portability and design by reducing connectivity options.

    "Laptops with USB 3.0 ports are preferable are they can be connected to a hard drive when backing up files and SD card slots for professions like photo editors who need to transfer photos." Keith elaborated.


    A dual-processor is recommended for simple tasks. This allows the individual to have several windows and apps open at ago. The dual-core CPUs are not recommended for heavy tasks.

    “If you are cash strapped and use your laptop for simple tasks, core 13  with an 8GB RAM with be appropriate. For individuals dealing with heavy tasks such as programming, gaming one should consider a corei7 with an 8GB of RAM or 18GB of RAM depending on your budget,” he remarked

    Cooling system

    Individuals who use laptops for simple tasks do not need to worry much about the cooling system of the laptop. However, if you intend to use laptops solely for programming, gaming, video editing you will need to consider its cooling system.

    "Laptop generally will utilize thermal throttling when it overheats, this will need to a decrease in performances. Some laptops will turn themselves off as a safety mechanism.

    You can use cooling pads or avoid gaming when the laptop is on your lap since it blocks airflow which will increase the temperature of the laptop," Keith explained 


    When purchasing a laptop, always consider the screen. Do you want a touchscreen laptop?  A touchscreen laptop is usually preferred by artists and graphic designers.

    "For individuals who prefer to utilize multiple programs they should seek a laptop with 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution," he stated


    When purchasing a laptop, the RAM should be considered by individuals who are multitasking with more information at the same time.

    “Due to cost-constraints, some individuals would pick a laptop with a 4GB of RAM, which may not be sufficient enough for a video editor, programmers. The baseline recommendation would be 8GB of RAM,” he stated.

    Kenyans.co.ke digital journalist John Mbati at work
    Kenyans.co.ke digital journalist John Mbati at work
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