New Twitter Feature Allows You to Untag Unwanted Mentions, How to Use It

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  • The long-awaited feature on Twitter “unmention” that allows users to untag themselves from tweets has been rolled out after developing and testing it for months.

    Twitter has been working on several features to improve user experience and overall safety and this latest feature has been described as a game-changer on the platform.

    The “unmention” feature will be available to all users, which will allow Twitter account holders to remove their handles and mentions from tweets they don't want to be tagged in.

    Before Twitter unveiled the feature, users were only allowed to mute the conversation to avoid receiving notifications but could not “untag” themselves from tweets they do not want.

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    "Sometimes you want to see yourself out. Take control of your mentions and leave a conversation with Unmentioning, now rolling out to everyone on all devices,” the company announced via its Twitter Safety account.

    For one to enjoy the feature, Twitter users are required to pull up any Tweet they are mentioned in and select the little three dots and select "get you out of this conversation" where a pop-up menu will appear.

    The menu will show the users that their usernames will still remain on the Tweet but that it will untag them from the original Tweet and will not be alerted of any replies or notifications.

    The new feature will also interdict users who have untagged themselves in a tweet from ever being tagged in that thread again as well as no longer receiving any notifications from the post or its thread.

    Twitter will also allow users to be prompted one more time if they want to leave the conversation or stay within the conversation before it becomes permanent.

    The new feature will give all the power to the individual user unlike back then it was difficult to remove yourself from a conversation you did not want other than muting the conversation or blocking the original Tweeter, which effectively just protects the user from seeing or interacting with the conversation but doesn't take them out of it.

    On September 1, 2021, Twitter introduced Safety Mode in order to help its users find a way to combat "unwelcome interactions".

    “We’ll be testing Safety Mode with a small group of people on Twitter in the coming months and expanding the pool of beta testers, as we receive feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and head to our blog to learn more about Safety Mode.”

    Many of the unwanted and harmful content is said to come from bots and spam accounts, which American billionaire, Elon Musk, spoke about when he wanted to acquire the company.

    Musk threatened to stop the offer to the company claiming that Twitter did not comply with its contractual obligations.

    For two months, Musk has tried to receive data and information necessary to make an assessment of the prevalence of fake or spam accounts on Twitter with no success.

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