Teen Stabs 2 Neighbours For Not Supporting Father's Parliamentary Bid

Undated image of detectives at a crime scene in Nairobi, Kenya
Undated image of detectives at a crime scene in Nairobi, Kenya

A teenage son of a Nakuru politician is under police custody for stabbing two neighbours whom he accused of refusing to support his father's parliamentary bid.

The 17-year-old stormed into their neighbour's house and stabbed a 48-year-old woman and her sister, 35, accusing them of supporting a rival.

Nakuru County Police Commander, Peter Mwanzo, confirmed the attack noting that the minor was in police custody and officers were still investigating the matter.

A man in handcuffs behind bars
An image representation of a man in handcuffs behind bars

Mwanzo stated that police intend to charge the minor with attempted murder.

Jane Kibe and her sister Peris Wanjiru were attacked in their home by the teenager who accused them of supporting his father's rival in the upcoming polls.

Kibe was quoted by The Standard explaining that the minor entered the house whose main entrance was open and headed to their bedroom where he stabbed her 18 times and Wanjiru 9 times leaving them nursing serious injuries

“I was shocked when the boy stormed into the bedroom fuming with anger. He has been visiting us and I knew him as our neighbour’s son. I didn’t read any mischief at first,” said Kibe.

“I didn’t understand how I had wronged him. He pushed me to the bed and started to stab me. The boy accused me of not supporting his father who is a parliamentary candidate.”

Wanjiru was in the bathroom inside the house when she heard a commotion and rushed to the bedroom where the high school student inflicted deep cut wounds on her.

“The boy is a good friend of my son and even often visits us. When I got into the room, I could not believe my eyes when I saw my sister bleeding and him holding the blood-stained knife,” Wanjiru recalled.

“He stabbed me nine times, three of which were very deep on the back and legs. He nearly severed one of my fingers. When we raised alarm, the boy dashed out of the house.”

Wanjiru stated that although the boy is friends with her son, they have never discussed any politics in his presence and the minor's actions shocked them.

"I don't understand where the allegations came from. Whatever happened is unfortunate and I would want to know what made him attack me. I'm fearing for my safety since this is a life-threatening matter," Wanjiru stated.

Nakuru has recently been hit by a series of gang attacks and police service has moved in to restore normalcy.

Kasarani Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Peter Mwanzo
Nakuru Police Commander Peter Mwanzo.
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