Stephen Letoo Thanks Ruto for Warm Gesture

A collage of Stephen Letoo and William Ruto
A collage of Stephen Letoo and William Ruto

Citizen TV's Stephen Letoo says that President-elect William Ruto's banter propelled his career and increased his following in the country and across the borders.

Speaking to a vlogger outside Parliament buildings on Thursday, September 8, the reporter clarified that he enjoys a working relationship with Ruto and that the duo has interacted at national events and at his home. 

"Congratulations and thank you for mentioning my name. It has increased my following. I wish you luck since all eyes are on you to deliver to Kenyans all your promises," Leto sent a congratulatory message to the outgoing Deputy President. 

He added that he has since received numerous calls from friends and clients in the country including South Africa and America.

Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo
Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo

The Citizen TV reporter further clarified that he did not intentionally miss the event at Ruto's home as he was held up with office duties. 

His co-workers were also caught off-guard by the light mention.

Notably, the veteran journalist stated that Ruto mentioned his name as an affirmation of his excellent work as a journalist. 

"I did a good job during a campaign period. I believe he mentioned me because he recognized my efforts. I am one of the journalists who should be lauded," Letoo said lightly. 

Conclusively, Letoo affirmed that he was ready to work with the incoming president as he was the president of the people.

After the Supreme Court upheld Ruto's win, the President-elect delivered a celebratory speech at his Karen residence when he assured the media that his government would interfere with their mandate. 

"We can have the last question and by the way, where are my good friends from Citizen TV?. I think it is a fair question. How is my good friend Stephen Letoo doing... and Chemutai Goin?" Ruto asked, referencing the pre-election period when he accused the station of bias in media coverage. 

"I want to promise you that you will be treated equally as other Kenyas. I know sometimes people think that people who fought against us will have a problem as we harbour grudges, but we don't. We shall work together," he added. 

President-elect William Ruto addressing the congregation in Nakuru on Sunday, September 4, 2022.
President-elect William Ruto addressing the congregation in Nakuru on Sunday, September 4, 2022.
William Ruto