Brother of Nairobi Man Sprayed With 36 Bullets in Broad Daylight Missing

A gunman in a balaclava
A gunman in a balaclava

The brother of a Nairobi man who was sprayed with 36 bullets in broad daylight by armed gunmen in Utawala was reportedly abducted by the victim's aides.

According to CCTV footage obtained by the police on Sunday, September 25, Alfred was ambushed in his house in Maji Mazuri Area by masked men dawning bulletproof vests.

The clip captured the perpetrators tormenting Odhiambo, asking him to surrender a gun they believed was in his possession. However, the distraught man denied knowledge of the matter.

CCTV camera at a private property
A CCTV camera at a private property.

Consequently, they ransacked his premises in search of the said weapon, a forage that turned futile. They then dragged the man out of his house - and since then, his whereabouts remain unknown.

The raid happened hours after his 24-year-old brother, Kevin was sprayed with bullets by assailants at 1 p.m along Gesora Road in Utawala.

Witness accounts indicate that Kevin's car was blocked by two vehicles, whose occupants ordered him to step out. A lady seated in the front passenger seat was asked to stay put.

The victim willingly obliged, and lay on the road and raised his hands up, opting to give the gunmen his phone. However, despite surrendering, one of the men snatched the phone and smashed it next to him.

Unfazed, they opened fire 36 times at the victim in broad daylight, killing him on the spot. They then took the lady passenger out of the vehicle and bundled her into their getaway car before driving off.

The lady was released by the assailants 17 kilometers away in Fedha Estate, in Nairobi Eastlands. Police officers took the victim's body to the City mortuary.

A report was filed at the Kayole Police Station and a team of officers has been dispatched to hunt down the kidnappers. Investigations have also been launched to establish the motive of the attack.

The incident raised concerns among members of the public over the spate of shootings in Nairobi. On September 23, a man died after being shot by unknown individuals following a commotion in Mirema Drive, Roysambu.

During a thanksgiving service at State House, President William Ruto maintained that his government will ensure that peace and security are restored across the country.

Ruto asked the National Police Service (NPS) to take advantage of its financial independence from the office of the president and effectively perform its constitutional mandate.

president William Ruto, during the thanksgiving service at State House Nairobi on Sunday, September 25, 2022..jpg (
President William Ruto, during the thanksgiving service at State House, Nairobi, on Sunday, September 25, 2022.
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