Murife Don't Run: Origin and Meaning of Viral Phrase

  • Murife running while being chased by puppies.
    Murife running while being chased by puppies.
    Dj Soxxy
  • A viral video of a middle-aged man running for his dear life while unrelenting puppies pursued him left Kenyans in stitches.

    The catch in the video is the voice of seemingly two distraught women helplessly trying to convince Murife not to run despite the impending danger.

    From the tone of the women, it was clear that they understood the puppies better, and by taking off, Murife was setting himself up.

    However, the middle-aged man ignored their advice and sprinted in utter fear. Another person recorded the incident, which then went viral in the country with different people recreating what happened using other clips.

    Murife Don't Run Origin

    Murife running while being chased by puppies.
    Murife running while being chased by puppies.

    The set-up of the incident is at a South African homestead Murife shot himself to stardom, becoming an online sensation.

    However, the actual name is Molefe which is pronounced as Murife. The name is usually given to male babies.

    Molefe originated from the Tswana clan in South Africa which means pay her damages.  

    The name is given to individuals who portray ingenuity and independence. Children named Molefe are believed to exude some skills in creative thinking that enhance productivity.

    Scientific Explanation Behind Murife's Reaction

    According to scientific experts, Murife's reaction is as a result of an adrenaline rush which made him flee danger.

    "When you’re scared or stressed suddenly, adrenaline is quickly sent into your body. Adrenaline is what gets your body ready to fight or flee danger," Cleveland Clinic explains how adrenaline works.

    If the gland produces too much adrenaline, it can cause high blood pressure, which can be corrected through medical attention.


    Visual representation of a person's brain thinking about Murife
    Visual representation of a person's brain thinking about Murife

    On the Tiktok search button, 'Murife don't run' videos have attracted over 228.6 million views, with a section of Kenyans recreating what happened using different videos.

    It was first shared by radio and TV producer Dj Soxxy on Twitter on Monday, September 26. The video attracted over 48,000 views.

    "Who are these people lying to Murife not to run? Murife Run for your life!" he wrote.

    The trend saw Kenyans light moments from previous moments, for instance, the running battles from the 2017 post-election chaos where a demonstrator was recorded being chased by GSU officers.

    Others recycled an old clip of a university student who recorded himself while begging his mother to send him fare due to unrest in the institution.

    "Okay, I honestly need to see the original video of Murife. I need to see how Murife looks like. And I need to know why he was running," Jhene Francis wrote.

    The viral photo of Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i greeting President William Ruto with his deputy Rigathi Gachagua laughing was also dragged into the trend.

    Others who joined the trend include Harambee Stars Strike Michael Olunga, who celebrated his hat-trick in Qatar. Moreover, Shujaa rugby used the Murife soundtrack to show one of their players making a try. Murife don't run.