Kirinyaga Minister Addresses Claims 12,000 Students Have STIs

  • Primary school students going to school
    Primary school students going to school.
  • Kirinyaga County executive Committee Member (CECM) for medical services, George Karoki, on Monday, November 28, disputed earlier reports that over 12,000 students had been diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

    In a letter, the CECM noted that the claims made by the Kirinyaga Central Sub-county Director of Education Kennedy Machora could not be substantiated.

    Instead, the official who works under Governor Anne Waiguru noted that the entire county only recorded 4,409 STI cases.

    The sub-county on the spotlight only accounted for 1,345 of the cases.

    A medic holding an STI test kit
    A medic holding an STI test kit.

    "The department of Health recorded and treated 1,345 cases of STIs in Kirinyaga Central Sub-county and 4,409 cases in the entire county this year. However, these cases are for the general population and not for a specific cohort of patients.

    "Whereas community education to deter our youths from risky sexual behavior must be embraced by all sectors, it is equally important for officers in other departments to consult the health department for accurate data," stated Karoki.

    In his statement, Karoki further maintained that that Machora's data was extremely exaggerated refuting claims that the county carried out mass STI tests among students.

    "We find it very reckless and irresponsible for a Government Officer to make such blanket unsubstantiated statements and would like him to present the source of his information, failure to which he should be held accountable.

    "Our Health Department has a very vibrant public health education and disease prevention program and as a county government we remain unwaveringly committed to offering the highest standards of preventive and curative healthcare services to all our residents, students included," he added.

    In an earlier address to the press, Machora had claimed that in the sub-county, only 4,000 students tested negative for an STI raising an alarm countywide.

    He noted that the high figures had necessitated an urgent meeting between the state as well as locals on how to avert.

    In Kajiado County, reports indicated that ambulance are on standby after 140 students sitting for 2022 national exams became pregnant. In Narok, the figure stands at 248.

    KCPE candidates during a past rehearsal
    KCPE candidates during a past rehearsal