Cost-Effective Tips to Consider When Choosing Water Tank For Flat Roofs

  • Water tanks installed on top of a flat roof apartment
    Water tanks installed on top of a flat roof apartment.
  • Selecting a water tank for a flat-roof house is one of the key decisions that will determine how long a house will last.

    In a flat roof design, the water tank rests on top of the house or is fixed on the side, allowing plumbers to fix pipes that connect the house and other premises in need of water supply. 

    According to Pumps Africa, a company involved in plumbing and water tank supply, one can pick polyethylene, concrete, metal, fiberglass, or bladder water tanks depending on their preferences and needs. 

    The water tanks set up in a school in Machakos County.
    The water tanks set up in a school in Machakos County.

    Factors to Consider

    Amount of Water You Need

    In a previous interview, Justin Lindsay, ECO Tanks' General Manager, argued that water requirement determines the demand for the type of tank.

    Water in raised tanks is either pumped or collected from rainwater.

    According to Housing Designs Kenya, an online platform offering architectural design, concrete tanks are not advisable in flat roof designs.

    That is mainly attributed to the fact that concrete tanks are not easily moved or adjusted in case of faults in the flat roof house designs.

    Tank Location

    According to Bushman Tanks, the location of the water tank determines the type one should acquire. Plastic water tanks are not advisable on flat roofs with no water shades.

    To accommodate plastic water tanks on flat roofs, homeowners are advised to build shades that will cover the tanks from direct sunlight, consequently, prolonging their lifespan. 

    Tank Quality

    According to Pumps Africa, quality is essential when selecting a water tank. 

    "Be sure to understand the guarantee on the tank before purchasing it, this is a good indication of the quality and will give you peace of mind,"  Pumps Africa stated.

    Marks of quality from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) help buyers know if a tank is approved and of top quality.

    Standard tanks on flat roofs can be moved, allowing architects to carry out repairs where and when necessary.

    Location of the Tank

    If one is buying a tank for water storage on the ground, there are critical factors to consider.

    Tanks set above ground come in two basic styles, white and black. 

    Black tanks absorb heat better than white ones. According to Pumps Africa, black tanks above the ground help prevent the growth of algae and other water organisms in the stored water.

    But to avoid getting a raw deal, most experts advise homeowners and landlords to consult architects and plumbers before buying a water tank.

    A flat roof house in Kenya
    A flat roof house in Kenya
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