Meet Zeynab Wandati, Kenya's Most Decorated Science Journalist

NTV's Zeynab Wandati receiving the prestigious 2017 A.H. Boerma Award by the Food & Agriculture Organization
NTV's Zeynab Wandati receiving the prestigious 2017 A.H. Boerma Award by the Food & Agriculture Organization

With four internationally recognized awards, NTV's Zeynab Wandati is Kenya's most decorated science journalist.

She is currently a Science and Technology Editor at Nation Media Group’s (NMG) NTV Kenya. 

Zeynab has made her mark in the media industry by reporting on food security and climate change across Africa.

NTV Journalist Zeynab Wandati
NTV science Journalist Zeynab Wandati
Zeynab Wandati

Wandati made her career at Nation Media Group where she rose through the ranks from being a trainee reporter to being Science and Technology editor at NTV.

She joined NMG in 2011. Before that, she had a brief stint at Citizen TV where she worked as an intern reporter.

Three years after joining NTV, Wandati bagged her first award after she won Africa Climate Change and Environmental Reporting Award in July 2014.

The award was issued by Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance and through the award, she was able to cover the global United Nations climate change meeting in Lima, Peru, held between December 1-12, 2014.

In 2017, Wandati got her first domestic award when she won the Business Reporting Award - TV Category.

The award was issued by the Media Council of Kenya in May 2017 and it was closely followed by two other international awards in the same year.

First, it was a continental award from the Africa Conservation Tillage Network for her reporting on conservation agriculture in Africa.

Then in July 2017, Wandati won the 2016-2017 A.H. Boerma Award.  The award was issued by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

She was feted by her reporting on food security in Kenya and Africa as a continent at large.

“The biggest challenge of food security in Kenya is transport logistics which involve moving that food from where there’s plenty of food to where there is no food.

“So, raising the awareness about food insecurity means not just telling people about food, but also encouraging them to change their perspectives and their definition of food,” Wandati remarked during her acceptance speech.

In October 2017, Wandati was awarded another domestic award Excellence in Science Journalism which was issued by Open Forum for African Biotechnology – Kenya.

The decorated journalist is an alma mater of Alliance Girls High School.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from the United States International University – Africa (USIU).

Science and Technology Editor Zeynab Wandati
NTV Science and Technology Editor Zeynab Wandati
Zeynab Wandati