Kibra Declaration: Raila Reads Riot Act to Ruto, Lists More Demands

  • Azimio Leader Raila Odinga addressing crowd at Jacaranda Grounds on Sunday, January 29, 2023.
    Azimio Leader Raila Odinga addresses his followers at Jacaranda Grounds on Sunday, January 29, 2023.
    Raila Odinga
  • Azimio la Umoja party leader, Raila Odinga read the riot act to President William Ruto's administration; sustaining his anti-government calls.

    Speaking at Kamukunji grounds in Kibra, on Sunday, February 5, Raila made ten declarations titled Why Ruto has to go: Kibra Declaration. 

    According to the first declaration, Raila claimed that the head of state subverted the will of the people by governing with absolute contempt and an iron fist. The former prime minister accused Ruto of doublespeak as tax cheats ruled the government. 

    Raila Odinga's motorcade snakes through the crowd as it makes way intoi Kamukunji Grounds on January 23, 2023. .jpg
    Raila Odinga arrives at Kamukunji Grounds on January 23, 2023.
    Raila Odinga

    He noted that powerful people held office despite having a myriad of court cases and charges leveled against them. 

    Raila pointed out that Kenyans were rewarded with a government that is not concerned with their welfare.

    Further, he alleged that there was no increase in wages to cushion Kenyans against rising inflation and high taxes. 

    The former premier also claimed that Ruto was trying to replace Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) with gullible commissioners who could be swayed by the government's rule. 

    "They were busy trying to pick up the food while the owners were asleep. What they did not realise is that the owners are wide awake and we are coming for you," Raila stated.


    While referencing matters of elections, Raila noted that the electoral commission ought to be selected by both parties to enable equality. 

    He noted that the Azimio coalition had declined the law on IEBC by the government and would not approve until fairness is enhanced. 

    He noted that the voices of the commissioners ought to be respected. Referencing the August 9 General Election, Raila claimed that four commissioners did not get their voices heard. 

    Raila also advocated for each county to have its own electoral commission to allow for votes to be counted regionally by its own commission. 

    The ODM party leader affirmed that they would continue with peaceful demonstrations, whereby they would proceed to Mavoko, Machakos on Friday, February 10, before holding a rally in Busia on Sunday, February 12. 

    Azimio Principal Martha Karua during campaigns heading to August 9, 2022, general election.
    Azimio Principal Martha Karua during campaigns heading to the August 9, 2022, general election.