Jeff Koinange Addresses Retirement From TV After 30 Years

Renowned journalist Jeff Koinange at the Citizen TV studios
Renowned journalist Jeff Koinange at the Citizen TV studios on May 18, 2022.
Jeff Koinange

Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange, in an interview on Tuesday, May 2, did not rule out retirement from the media after serving in the industry for 30 years.

While appearing on Mali Youtube Channel hosted by Grace Msalame, the news anchor, however, maintained that he will hang his TV boots when the time was right.

The celebrated journalist was gracious that his brand remained relevant in the media in his 3-decade career while acknowledging the dynamics of the media industry.

Koinange, who began his media journey in 1995, added that once he retired from the press, he would move on to other things.

Hot 96 morning show hosts Nick Odhiambo (left) and Jeff Koinange at RMS studios
Hot 96 morning show hosts Nick Odhiambo (left) and Jeff Koinange at RMS studios in March 2022.
Jeff Koinange

"It is so difficult for a business like this. There is so much talent. I am going to have to give it up at some point. 30 years! I can move on.

"The fact that I am relevant is still great and I will give it as much as I can. When it is time to walk away, I will walk away and I will know that I did my bit," he stated.

On the other hand, he celebrated Kenyans for helping him grow noting that many viewers went out of the way to view his shows on TV.

The journalist asserted that the immense support from viewers encouraged him to deliver on his assignments - a secret behind his successful 30-year career.

"If you see people going out of the way to watch me, then I say that I must give it back. I will give you the content," the journalist stated.

During the interview, Koinange revealed that he occasionally slept for three hours and would wake up at 4 am to prepare for his day.

He expressed that he had to be consistent in his routine to get the job done in hosting shows on radio and TV.

"I wake up at 4:00 am every morning and leave home around 5 am. I get to work at around 5:20 am and start reading the papers and we start the live radio at 6 am.

"I do finish JKL at midnight. Get home at 12:30 pm, sleep at 1:30 pm and sleep for three hours. It's a drive and I like what I do," Koinange expressed.

Koinange began his career in 1995 working as the Chief Producer for Africa at ricaReuters Television, Ltd. He then became the Africa correspondent for CNN in 2001 before leaving in 2007.

Other stations he has worked for include K24, Arise Television and KTN.

Jeff Koinange in the Citizen TV studios on June 20, 2019.
Jeff Koinange enjoys a hearty moment at Citizen TV studios on June 20, 2019.
Jeff Koinange