TV47 Among Top 4 Most Watched TV Stations Overtaking KTN News

TV47 logo (right) and KTN news studio along Mombasa Road.
TV47 logo (right) and KTN news studio along Mombasa Road.

TV47 has been ranked among the top 4 most watched TV stations in Kenya, a new report from Infotrak has shown.

The station launched in 2019 was the youngest TV outlet to feature in the top five behind Citizen TV, NTV and KTN, in that order.

Citizen TV maintains its leading position in the market with 90 per cent of the respondents confirming that they watch the station regularly followed by NTV at 61 per cent, KTN Home (52 per cent), TV47 (32 per cent) and KBC (32 per cent).

K24 TV ranked at a distant sixth with 22 per cent and KTN News 18 per cent.

A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
The newly launched Citizen TV Studio with presenters on Sunday, August 7, 2022.
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The ranking also showed that Inooro TV, which was the most-watched vernacular TV station, appeared at position eight followed by Ramogi and Kiss TV.

TV47 credited its new stable of stars who include Willis Raburu, Fred Indimuli and Liz Mutuku among the faces catapulting its popularity.

"Covering all the 47 counties and enjoying a 97% response rate, the survey showed that the highest age group watching TV47 was between 18-26," read the report in part.

In the radio category, Radio Citizen maintained its lead with 26 per cent market share followed by Radio Jambo (24 per cent) and Radio 47 (20 per cent).

Radio Maisha followed in the fourth place with Milele FM was ranked fifth followed by Classic 105 in sixth position.

Another report by the Communications Authority of Kenya (as covered extensively in our flagship newsletter) showed that radio audiences have been decreasing since 2014 while TV audiences have remained consistent.

Between 2015 and 2022, the number of radio stations grew from 120 to 228, TV stations from 6 to 182, and newspapers increased from 9 to 13.

In 2014, 92% of the Kenyan population consumed radio content. The number decreased to 77% in 2023.

Meanwhile, TV consumption increased from 46% to 74% while news consumption from digital channels ticked up from 27% to 57%. Newspaper continues to lag, dropping from 21% to 7%.

In the period, CA's data showed that TV stations pocketed the largest share of advertising revenues compared to radio and newspapers.

According to the data, TV stations have consistently received above Ksh3 billion every month as advertising revenue since January 2023 while radio received between Ksh1.4 billion and Ksh1.8 billion. 

Newspapers received advertising revenue ranging between Ksh450 million and Ksh700 million.

A graphic showing advertising expenditure in media.
A graphic showing advertising expenditure in media.