First Year Students Detained Over False Terror Alert

  • Police in Meru County are holding in custody two first year students from Meru Teachers College, for allegedly causing panic by starting a false terror attack.

    The incident is said to have started with the male student who told his girlfriend that there would be an attack on the institution, despite being barely a day old in the college.

    The girlfriend told a friend who then passed on the information to another friend and before long, the whole institution was in panic.

    According to a report by The Nation, the deputy principal called the police and informed them of the terror report.

    The police in the area had to go to the college to assure the students of safety and calm them down.

    Some students including the man who started the rumor and his girlfriend had sneaked out of the college however, and did not spend Saturday night there.

    The two had spent the night in a hotel in Meru town.

    They were arrested as they tried to sneak back to school Sunday morning.

    This is the latest in a series of terror alerts that have been causing mass panic, at times leading to closing down of institutions.

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