Joseph Boinnet Calls for Witnesses in Duale-Linked Hate Speech Remarks

  • Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet is now seeking public help in the investigation of an inflammatory audio clip linked to National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale.

    Mr Boinnet called on witnesses, who were present when Mr Duale allegedly made the hateful remarks against the Kamba Community, to appear before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

    "For such a case to progress, we must have a witness. We are appealing to anyone who was present when hate speech said to have been made in Garissa to report to DCI headquarters and provide information that would help in the investigations," Boinnet stated.

    The Police boss promised that action will be taken against the culprit after thorough probing.

    "We will charge the person mentioned if and when we scientifically prove who it is. Investigations are being handled by competent officers," Boinnet said.

    An official privy to the case highlighted that “We will use experts to give their report on the voice before the file is sent to the DPP for action. The DPP will also make his decision.”

    In the recording which has prompted a public uproar, a voice believed to be Duale's is heard calling for the eviction of Kambas from Garissa County.

    However, the Garissa Township MP has since dismissed the audio clip noting that it was propaganda from his political rivals.