KDF Kills 3 More Al Shabaab Terrorists in Lamu

  • Reports indicate that the Kenya Defence Soldiers have killed three Al Shabaab terrorists in Lamu today.

    Five of the Kenyan soldiers were also injured in the fight.

    The incident took place at Basuba in Lamu County, at a location near the place where where 5 KDF soldiers were injured after their vehicle was hit by an IED.

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    KDF recovered two AK 47 rifles from the fierce battle between the two forces.

    Lamu County has been an area of concern, especially in relation to Al Shabaab threats.

    Some of the militants have been alleged to live with their families in Boni forest, which is within the county.

    They are also said to be organizing their attacks from the forest which security forces have been working to eliminate the terror threats.

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    The incident comes just days after Kenya and the US signed an agreement that will see increased cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terror.

    Here are some of the tweets on the report given by the Ministry of Defence.