Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan Calls for an Audit of Joho's Guns

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has demanded an audit on the use of guns held by his county governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Omar claimed that Joho's security team has been misbehaving and misusing their weapons against county residents.

He claimed that the flamboyant governor walks around in the company of 38 armed guards, including police officers.

This in spite of an existing order from the Inspector General stating that governors and senators are entitled to five bodyguards - one escort and four officers at their official residences.

"Whenever he moves, there are more than 38 armed people including police officers who move with him. He moves around with a whole police station and an armoury," Omar claimed. 

He further alleged that only the President has a bigger security when compared to the Mombasa Governor even though Joho had no special security entitlement. 

"The guns each have 15 bullets, which is about 450 bullets in Joho's convoy ... that is an armoury... not for security," the Senator stated during a press conference held on Tuesday.

The Mombasa Senator, however, called for the reinstatement of the bodyguards guarding Joho and his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi.

Omar said the governors' security teams should be reinstated in line with the existing directives on VIP security, adding that the audit was necessary to ensure security for all leaders and residents.

Unconfirmed reports on Tuesday alleged that the bodyguards had since been reinstated in what was said to have been a normal standardisation process.

However, this was disputed by Joho's spokesman Richard Chaha who spoke to

Chacha stated that the bodyguards were yet to report for duty.

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