Nkaissery Asks CNN to Apologize Over Terror Remarks

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery has asked the Cable News Network (CNN) to apologize for terming Kenya as a breeding ground for terror attacks.

Nkaissery was speaking to journalists in Nairobi, during a security brief on the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Nkaissery said Kenyans on social media were right to get angry over the unfair remarks, as the report by CNN was malicious and based on lies.

The Cabinet Secretary added that terror attacks are not unique to Kenya and it was therefore wrong for CNN to paint Kenya in that light.

He said that the remarks served to undermine Kenya’s security and were irresponsible.

The remarks angered Kenyans on social media, most taking their frustrations to twitter, making the hash tag #SomeoneTellCNN trend worldwide within hours.

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During the brief, Nkaissery assured Kenyans that sufficient security had been put in place to ensure the success of the summit.

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The summit kicks off tomorrow with  the President of United States Barrack Obama expected into the country.

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