Raila's Shooting Incident was Stage Managed - Turkana Legislators Say

  • A section of Turkana leaders haS now claimed that the shooting incident witnessed during ODM leader Raila Odinga's tour last week in the County was stage managed to seek sympathy votes from locals.

    Speaking at parliament buildings on Tuesday, Turkana Senator John Munyes, Turkana South MP James Lomenen and his Loima counterpart Protus Akunya, alleged that it was Odinga and Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok's bodyguards who shot in the air. 

    According to the three legislators, the bodyguards fired in the air after they met resistance from locals during the rally at Katilia in Turkana East Constituency.

    "When the meeting started, Jubilee members decided to join the public to hear what the Opposition leaders were saying. Trouble started when they were stopped from joining the rally. Members of the security team, including Raila's bodyguards, started the shooting," Mr Munyes stated.

    Mr Akunya also refuted claims that it was an assassination attempt on the former Prime Minister's life stating that the incident was not reported as it happened on the ground.

    "That was a stage managed drama. The governor of Turkana has sensed defeat. Since he has been cheating Raila he has the numbers, he had to do that. The security personnel wanted to disperse the youths who had confronted each other. How come not a single person was injured? There are no sympathy votes in Turkana," the MP affirmed. 

    On Friday, ODM acting Secretary General Agnes Zani has claimed that leaders from Turkana, allied to the Jubilee party hired goons to disrupt Opposition leader Raila Odinga's meeting on Friday.

    The nominated Senator alleged that the goons were given prior information of Odinga’s meeting and crude weapons to cause chaos. 

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