School Girls Now Found Trading Sex

  • A middle-aged man in Kirinyaga County, has been arrested after police raided his business premise following suspicions that he was using underage girls in sex trade. 

    The girls aged between 12 – 16, are believed to have been selling their bodies to men with most of them said to have been abused. Police acted on a tip off from residents of Kutus town and went ahead to rescue 16 girls while arresting the man found in bed with one of the girls.

    It emerged that the sex business had been going on for some time as concerns had been raised why girls from the town were not attending school. It was later discovered that the suspect was hiring young girls, and taking a small amount of money from their earnings.

    Some of the girls said that they had faced constant abuse, yet their parents had not reported the matter to the police. The police noted they had received vital information from the girls and hoped to complete the investigations soon.

    The Child Department has been included in the investigations that could see the girls' parents charged for allowing them to engage in the trade.

    Kirinyaga Police Commander David Bunei, confirmed that the investigations were going on well and that the suspect was in custody.

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