Sh200,000 Fine For Lying Police Officers

  • Commissioner Mohamed Murshid of the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has issued a stern warning to police officers who were not taking the vetting process seriously.

    Speaking to law enforcers on Monday at the Kenya School of Government in Mombasa, Murshid gave police officers conditions in regard to the vetting process stating that one could retire voluntarily before the process began.

    He added that if an officer refused to participate in the review process once it began, they would be dismissed.

    “This is a very serious process because our aim is to have an efficient force, the consequences of giving misleading information during the exercise will be a fine of up to 200,000 shillings, a jail term not exceeding two years or both,” said Murshid.

    The Commissioner added that they would be targeting all officers during the reviewing exercise, which was to be done in phases to ensure effectiveness.

    In October, the NPSC released a list of officers found unfit to hold office after a vetting process that uncovered massive corruption in the police service was conducted.

     63 Senior officers including Administration Police Spokesperson Masuod Mwinyi, were fired on grounds of human rights violation, graft cases, forgery of academic papers among other reasons.

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