Why John Allan Namu Left KTN

  • Renowned investigative journalist John Allan Namu has finally revealed reasons behind his recent resignation from Kenya Television Network (KTN) where had worked for 10 years.

    Namu who spoke during an interview on The Trend, unveiled that his move from KTN was a mix-bag of reasons, highlighting that his motivation was mainly because the mainstream media was becoming narrow for investigative journalism.

    He pointed out that the editorial policies in mainstream media was not conducive for the delicate stories he was focused on telling.

    “The environment for telling stories within a mainstream environment is just becoming smaller and smaller and that has to be said! Sometimes we editorialize where we should not and that is not what investigative journalism is about. You have to have the freedom to tell your stories.” Namu stated.

    He added that his continued stay in a restricted industry would not only harm his prospects, but also be a disservice to those who depended on him for information through the investigative pieces.

    The award winning journalist added that he had embarked on a new journey and had started a company called 'Africa Uncensored', centred on telling African stories.