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Esther Muthoni Passaris is a skilled marketing and public relations professional with over 20 years’ experience. As an entrepreneur, she has successfully conceptualised, started and nurtured two businesses, establishing them to grow and become trendsetters in their respective segments, namely Adopt A Light and Shaper Images Ltd.

In a bid to play a part in positively fashioning the politics of Kenya, Esther got involved in elective politics, contesting for Member of Parliament in 2008, and finishing in a close second.  Later, she vied for the Nairobi Women Representative seat in 2013, however, she did not make it till 2017 when she became the Nairobi Woman Representative on an Orange Democratic Movement ticket.  

She has been following up on campaigns to do with decongesting the city through high-level bicycle riding which aims to reduce traffic by creating safe paths for cyclist and pedestrians in the city and providing water tanks funded by NGAAF to car wash business enterprises