David Murathe Discloses Uhuru will Not Show Pity on Fight Against Corruption

A close confidant to President Uhuru Kenyatta has revealed that it will not be business as usual, should the Head of State win a second term in office.

In an exclusive interview with a local media house, David Murathe disclosed that the President will be cementing his legacy during his second term in office and Kenyans should be ready for a complete transformation of the government and service provision.

According to Murathe who is an official in the Jubilee Party, Kenyatta will be more "lethal, brutal and ruthless" in the fight against corruption, political indiscipline and maintenance of law and order and no one will be spared however close they may be to the President.

"I am very sorry for people after Uhuru gets reelected coz I believe his agenda will be his legacy issues which will be law, order, discipline and the fight against corruption," he stated.

He added that the war against corruption and restoring order will be bare knuckles and Kenyatta will not entertain corruption.

"If anybody thinks they can walk in the final term of Uhuru with anything that smells of corruption, I am very sorry for him," added Murathe.

He disclosed that the president would go after anyone implicated in corruption including his own friends.

Asked why Kenyatta did not crack down on corruption in his first term, Murathe highlighted that when he got into office, he first had to deal with the establishment followed by putting systems in place.

Murathe revealed that the president will continue with the war in corruption from where he stopped.

"He (Uhuru) is the only guy who has sacked six ministers ever, not just in Kenya - around Africa on allegations of corruption," he affirmed.

The former Gatanga legislator and long-standing confidant to the President divulged that this time Kenyans would see the Head of State in his true colours as he would spare no one.

Here is the video of the interview.



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