Kenyan Government Summons Tanzanian Ambassador

  • The Kenyan Government has summoned the Tanzanian Ambassador over a diplomatic row that has ensued between the two neighboring nations.

    In a statement, the Tanzanian's Foreign Ministry confirmed this meeting without indicating when it would take place.

    "Following the auction of these cows and the destruction by fire of the chicks, which had also entered in violation of the law, the Kenyan government summoned our ambassador in Nairobi to ask for explanations," part of the statement read.

    The Tanzanian Ministry also indicated that the entry of livestock and its products into the country is governed by the national laws, regional and international agreements aimed at preventing the spread of diseases.

    [caption caption="Tanzanian President John P Magufuli"][/caption]

    It further urged Kenya and other neighbors to control their farmers and herders.

    The dispute began in October when Tanzania seized and auctioned 1,300 Kenyan cattle which had been driven across the border in search of pasture.

    The dispute deepened when Tanzania confiscated 6,500 chicks and burned them alive claiming they had been acquired from Kenya illegally and could spread diseases.

    In response to the squabble, Kenya's Foreign Cabinet Secretary (CS) Amina Mohammed  issued a "note of protest" and followed it up with a summon to Tanzania's ambassador in Nairobi.

    A section of Kenyan traders has also lodged complaints about mistreatment by Tanzanian immigration agents which has previously sparked protests at the border.

    [caption caption="CS Amina Mohammed and President Kenyatta"][/caption]

    These trade disputes have seen the two countries block the import of various goods from either country.