Jubilee Reveals Why it Endorsed NASA Candidate for By-election

  • The Jubilee Party on Saturday announced that it will not field a candidate in Kitui West by-election by will instead support Wiper Party Candidate Edith Nyenze.

    In a statement, the party's Secretary-General Raphael Tuju explained that exhaustive consultations had been done and it was agreed that the Jubilee supports the Wiper candidate to allow her to fulfill her late husband's legacy.

    "It is appropriate and compassionate that the widow is granted a chance by the people of Kitui West to implement the development agenda championed by her late husband who was a leader of national repute,” the statement read in part.

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    Following the move, a section of the party's supporters in the area expressed their disappointment with the party, questioning why it endorsed a rival candidate.

    One of the supporters Rodgers Kaleve while speaking to the Nation noted that it was suspect for the party to support the Wiper candidate.

    "Wiper and NASA are competitors with Jubilee party for power right from the grassroots, what is the big interest for Jubilee in Kitui West to pull out of the race and throw its weight behind Mrs Nyenze?”

    "Jubilee has a right to or not field candidates for elective positions anywhere in the country but to support a NASA candidate is suspect," he stated.

    Meanwhile, Mrs Nyenze was on Saturday issued with the Wiper Party Nomination certificate ahead of the March 26 by-election.

    Speaking shortly after the ceremony, the former High School Principal, explained that she will work to unite the people of Kamba nation.

    [caption caption="Edith Nyenze being awarded the Wiper Party nomination certificate on Saturday"][/caption]

    "I am very grateful for the support the people of Kitui West have given me. The confidence they have in me will not be let down. I will dedicate my service to ensure we work with other leaders to unite our people.

    "My manifesto is based on the fact that there is no monopoly of knowledge. Your input will be highly considered and implemented for the betterment of us all," The Star quoted Edith Nyeze.