Trump Bashed Over Sh61 Million Investment in Kenya

  • Americans and some media outlets have bashed United States President Donald Trump after a Sh61 Million investment in a project in Kenya.

    The grant, proposed by the State Department’s Bureau of counterterrorism, aimed to fund a project that looked at the “ideals of masculinity” in Kenya.

    The two-year program also sought to find how they made men vulnerable to recruitment by fundamentalist groups.

    Expectations of Kenyan men “to be tough, heterosexual, aggressive, unemotional, and achieving” are exploited by groups “who appeal to these characteristics and offer the opportunity to fulfill these roles.”

    [caption caption="US Embassy in Kenya"][/caption]

    To counter this, the department noted it would commission a study around this perceived link, and promote “male-to-male dialogue” on issues of gender and “encourage stronger social and familial support structures.”

    However, the story drew criticism from both conservative media figures and Trump supporters who asked why their tax money was being wasted again in Kenya.

    American media personality, David Webb, criticised the program noting that the government was funding this project in Kenya while there was “no pay for US service members”.

    A site called Infowars, ran the story and readers on the comment section called it “pure idiocy,”labeling it a plan aimed at “feminizing boys”.

    Some Americans linked the project to former US president Barrack Obama whose father was born in Kenya.

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    To dissuade young Muslims in Kenya from joining terrorist groups, the US has spent billions on anti-terrorism projects in Kenya since 2011 but this project has drawn denunciation from Americans.