NASA Announces New Plan After Jubilee Ousted Keter

  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition on Tuesday announced its next move after Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter was ousted as the Chairman of the Labour Parliamentary Committee.

    The Jubilee MP was removed as Chairman of the Labour and Social Welfare Committee while Silas Tiren was voted out as Agriculture and Livestock committee Chair.

    Marakwet East MP Kangogo Bowen was ejected as Vice Chair of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee and replaced with Ijara MP Sophia Abdi.

    However, Parliament Minority Chief Whip Junet Mohammed stated that the Opposition coalition would only recognize Mr Keter as the chairman of the committee.

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    "As far as NASA coalition is concerned, we still and specifically our members in those committees recognize Hon Keter and Hon Tiren as chairmen of those parliamentary committees," he tweeted on Tuesday.

    Speaking to, Nominated MP Wilson Sossion confirmed that they (NASA) recognized Mr Keter as the Labour chairman and would make sure the vote to remove him would be rescinded. 

    "Indeed, we recognized Mr Keter as chairman and we shall confirm that in another vote which shall be held in a secret ballot," he disclosed.

    Mr Sossion, however, declined to comment on why he attended the vote despite an order from the Minority Chief Whip directing all NASA MPs to boycott the committee meetings.

    During the deliberations, Sossion strongly voiced his opposition to the Keter ouster, maintaining that Parliament was an independent arm of Government.

    "This is the most reckless process we are engaging in. I have confidence in the Chair and Vice-Chair. The three arms of the government should be independent," he stated.

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