Mike Sonko Makes Final Decision on Replacing Polycarp Igathe

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has stated that he will lead the nation's capital without a deputy governor following the exit of Polycarp Igathe.

    Speaking on Monday, Governor Sonko hit out at critics who have expressed doubt over his ability to lead Nairobi county.

    He outlined that he is not only a politician but also a leader in his own right and that he will prove this by heading the county to his term's fulfilment.

    Sonko was speaking in Makueni County where he attended the burial of the Late Obadiah Mutinda, father to Nairobi County Legal Advisor Alphonse Mutinda.

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    The former Deputy Governor resigned from the position citing that he had not succeeded in earning the trust of his Governor.

    Responding to the abrupt resignation, Governor Sonko stated that he was not aware of any difficulty the DG was going through during his short tenure at City Hall.

    The Governor would later dismiss the resignation as a non-issue urging the public to focus on service delivery and improving Nairobi.

    Governor Sonko has continued to exercise his duties since the resignation with his latest edict being the mandatory re-painting of buildings within the city.

    "All building should be repainted. Owners have a choice either to maintain their original colours or change them as they please.

    "Nairobi is a commercial hub. We should make sure that it is beautiful and clean," Governor Sonko explained.

    The order took effect on February 1.

    [caption caption="Governor Mike Sonko with President Uhuru Kenyatta during his inauguration as Nairobi's second Governor"][/caption]