Obeying Court Orders is Better Than Building Roads - Kutuny Tells Uhuru

  • Cherangany┬áMember of Parliament Joshua Kutuny on Saturday urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to focus more on obeying court orders as opposed to constructing roads to build his legacy.

    The legislator stated that the Head of State should adhere to the rule of law and stop intimidating leaders using the police.

    "I want to tell Uhuru as my good friend that building roads, bringing electricity to the people or connecting water to every home will not earn him a name," Kutuny expressed.

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    Speaking to journalists at Muthaiga Police Station, he added that:"You will only set a legacy with respecting the rule of law."

    The lawmaker noted that they are not happy with the way Uhuru's administration is executing their policies.

    "We are not happy with you Mr President and the entire Rift Valley is watching," the MP declared.

    Accompanied by a section of Rift Valley politicians, Kutuny condemned the arrest of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter noting that it was an attempt to intimidate and silence the legislator.

    "It is true that Keter has been a thorn in the flesh to Jubilee government but it is a shame that an MP can be arrested in such dramatic way," he commented.

    He mentioned that the Jubilee government might think they will silence Keter by arresting him but it will only make him a hero at the end.

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    "When DP Ruto was arrested, the government of the day thought he would be silenced but he is now the DP. They tried with Joho and he is now the Sultan," Kuttuny stated.