Why Uhuru's 'Big 4' Projects are not on National Budget

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta's 'Big 4' projects have not been allocated funds by the National Treasury. 

    Upon assuming office for his second term, the Head of State unveiled what he termed his 'Big Four' agenda, listing four key pillars - manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing and food security

    Addressing Senators on Tuesday, the National Treasury officials told the Senate that there was no proposed budget for the Jubilee mega projects, adding that they would be covered by funds set aside for the respective ministries

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    According to the National Treasury officials, the ambitious programmes that the ruling party intend to implement over Kenyatta's final term will fall under devolved functions. 

    The State is stated to be holding talks with county governments to ensure that Kenyatta's key development agenda is achieved.

    “The State is working with counties to ensure that the objectives are realized like it has been doing with the health sector and housing,” Geoffrey Mwau, Treasury’s director general on budget told members of the Senate Finance Committee.

    “We shall re-organize the budget within the fiscal year to accommodate the Big Four. This will slow down ongoing projects but this does not mean we are abandoning them,” Mr Mwau highlighted.

    Accompanied by the newly appointed Treasury Chief Administrative Secretary Nelson Gachuhie, Mwau presented the information to the committee led by Mandera Senator Mohamed Mohamud.

    Chairperson of the Commission on Revenue Allocation, Jane Kiringai, however, cautioned the Senators that a budget deficit would deal a death blow to the agenda which is "at the heart of the Jubilee administration."

    The Senate committee is collecting views from stakeholders to deliberate over the 2018 Budget Policy Statement.

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