Tiaty MP William Kamket Tables Bill to Prolong President's Term

  • Tiaty Member of Parliament, William Kamket, has drafted a new Bill to amend the Constitution and extend the President's term in office.

    According to the proposal, the President will be a ceremonial figure and will serve for a single seven-year term as the amendment seeks to limit his role as Head of State and a symbol of national unity.

    The President will be elected in a joint sitting of Parliament which will be convened on the first Thursday of December every seventh year.

    The Bill further notes that the President should not hold any elective or appointive office with political parties.

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    He will, however, have powers to appoint the Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries and the Commander of the Police.

    Additionally, the bill drafted on Tuesday also seeks to create the position of the Prime Minister who will have executive powers and the authority to elect two Deputy Prime Ministers.

    In the proposed amendment, Parliament will be allowed to provide the position of Prime Minister, leader of the Opposition, and members of the shadow Cabinet.

    The amendment also proposed to scrap off the office of the Deputy President.

    Kamket also proposed that county assemblies elect two senators each of the opposite genders instead of the people voting for the same.

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    In October last year, NCCK proposed an expansion of the executive to allow the President appoint a Prime Minister, two deputies and official leader of the opposition for inclusivity in government.