Raila Odinga Met With Former President Daniel Moi to Stop DP Ruto - Mutahi Ngunyi

  • Political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday explained that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga met with former President Daniel Moi to devise a way to stop Deputy President William Ruto from becoming president in 2022.

    In his weekly show the Fifth Estate, the professor and his team from Fort Hall School of Government stated that the meeting included the young sons of politicians created by Mzee Moi.

    Present during the meeting were the sons of former Ministers in Moi's government Vihiga Senator George Khaniri son of Nicodemus Khaniri, Mvita MP Ahdulsamad Nassir (Sharif Nassir), Nick Salat (Isaac Salat).

    "This was no ordinary meeting between Mzee Moi and Raila what we saw was the first fellowship of political dynasties.

    [caption caption="President Moi with Raila and other politicians"][/caption]

    "These are young sons of politicians created by Mzee Moi after their fathers died. They were created to inherit their fathers and were brought together in the meeting to stop William Ruto," the team explained.

    They conveyed that the dynasties were against DP Ruto because his father had no name in Kenyan politics.

    "If this is true, we must serve notice that a war waged on Ruto by the dynasties is a war waged on the hustler nation. The dynasties cannot give the presidency to Gideon Moi - if they do, the country will reject him," they explained.

    Prof Ngunyi noted that the 2022 election will mark 30 years in multi-party democracy in Kenyan politics.

    "For the first time in 30 years, we will have an election without a Kikuyu candidate," he stated.

    The analysts maintained that Raila had no real plan after the handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta which is why he met with the former president.

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    They opined that: "In fact, we should expect that he will meet with Mzee Kibaki as well."

    Here is the video: