DP William Ruto Meets Jubilee Leaders

  • Deputy President William Ruto is reported to have met Jubilee leaders from Nandi County who have been at loggerheads.

    Ruto moved to reconcile the Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang and Senator Samson Cherargei whose rivalry has been threatening service delivery.

    Details of the two-hour meeting remain scanty, but the DP is noted to have reprimanded the duo for engaging in a war of words instead of serving the people.

    Notably, Senator Cherargei, who has been a thorn in the flesh of Governor Sang’s administration, confirmed that the meeting took place.

    [caption caption="Governor Stephen Sang"][/caption]

    Senator Cherargei stated: “But this will not in any way affect my oversight role. For now, things stand the way they are until the issues we’ve raised are addressed by the county government.”

    On his part, Governor Sang hinted at working with the senator in a bid to boost service delivery to the residents.

    “I want the senator and MCAs to do their work for oversight without fear and I will not protect any of my officers found engaging in corruption as I want to transform the county to the next level,” Governor Sang stated.

    The tussle between the two ensued over the running of the devolved unit and escalated barely six months after they were elected.

    The verbal exchange between them started in November last year but their misunderstanding only came to the public in December when they both spoke about it.

    [caption caption="Senator Samson Cherargei"][/caption]

    Governor Sang and Senator Cherargei were on each other’s case over issues on the recruitment of fresh employees to replace those sacked, development activities and general running of the county.